Lynx Studio Technology E44

# LYNX385085
PCIe Audio Card
Lynx Studio Technology E44
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The E44 PCI Express card is designed to satisfy the most demanding professional recording and broadcast studio requirements. Built upon the legacy of the industry-leading LynxONE and LynxTWO cards, the E series takes a leap forward to offer the highest performance A/D and D/A conversion system ever incorporated into a PCI Express card. In fact the E44 performance even eclipses that of the Lynx Aurora converters. Since 1998, Lynx has provided high-reliability add-in cards engineered for 24/7 operation. The E series improves upon this tradition with upgraded enhancements for I/O protection and shielding of computer noise and their associated power supplies.

The E44 is roughly the equivalent of the LynxTWO-A in a PCI Express format. The E44 card utilizes sophisticated design methodologies to achieve high performance levels. Components are meticulously chosen to support low noise and distortion. Circuit topologies are compact and cancel external noise pickup. Capacitors with solid dielectrics provide high reliability and long life. Considerable effort is applied to PCB layout which focuses on component placement and routing of traces, as well as copious use of copper planes for shielding and power distribution.

The power available from the PCI Express bus offers a particular challenge due to the lack of a negative supply rail which is required to power analog amplifier stages. The E series utilizes a unique scheme to generate supply rails that are extremely low noise while being very intolerant of poorly designed computer power supplies.

The use of field-programmable-gate-arrays (FPGA) is another core technology pioneered for use in audio devices by Lynx. The E series uses the latest devices with a wealth of resources for parallel processing in our 16 X 8 mixer and V2 DMA engine which maximizes throughput on the PCIe bus while minimizing CPU workload. As always, FPGA's allow for field-upgradeability to add features in the future.

Ideal for:
- Capturing and archiving historic and classic material with extreme accuracy and transparency.
- Broadcast applications requiring 24/7 flawless operation
- Audio measurement
- Audio production
- Medical, military and industrial applications that require full audio spectrum capabilities and extreme reliability

- Four channels A/D and D/A conversion
- Four channels of AES3 or S/PDIF I/O
- Extremely low-jitter SynchroLock sample clock generator
- Fixed or adjustable trim level on all analog I/O's, relay controlled
- Automatic output muting on power on/off (de-thump)
- FPGA-based on-board hardware mixing
- V2 DMA Engine promotes extremely low-latency operation
- Drivers for Macintosh OS X, Windows 7 & 8. Thunderbolt compatible.
- Lynx Mixer application
- RoHS compliant
- Designed and built in the USA

Resolution Magazine about E44:
"As I would expect from Lynx, the sound is of a very high quality, transparent with low noise."
"The E44 will suit a wide range of applications in transcription, broadcast, production and install, not forgetting measurement, military, medical and industrial applications where reliable, high-quality audio is required day in, day out."
"High quality, versatile sound card; well-designed software GUI, should prove robust and reliable."
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