ATC Consumer Hifi SCA2

# ATC 306420
ATC Consumer Hifi SCA2
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The SCA2 is an extremely high resolution preamplifier designed to partner ATC active, and, with an appropriate power amplifier, passive loudspeaker systems. It incorporates eight line-level stereo inputs, two stereo signal outputs and two stereo record outputs. Two of the line inputs are balanced format on XLR sockets while the remaining inputs are unbalanced and on pairs of RCA phono sockets. The main stereo output is balanced format on a pair of XLR sockets while the auxiliary stereo output is unbalanced and on a pair of RCA phono sockets. The two record outputs are unbalanced on pairs of RCA phono sockets.

The AUX 2 line-level input may be converted to function as a high-sensitivity phono input through the addition of a factory fitted optional RIAA Phono Board. The RIAA board carries an array of slide switches that enable optimal matching with phono cartridges of various output voltages and loading requirements.

Selection of SCA2 inputs is achieved via a eight-position rotary control using gold plated relays for silent switching. The SCA2 incorporates an independent record output signal path so enabling simultaneous listening and recording of different source signals.Selection of the record output signal is achieved via a second eight-position rotary control using gold plated relays for silent switching.

Output volume adjustment is achieved through a precision motorised potentiometer. Mute, gain and standby functions are also accessible from font panel push buttons. Mains power is applied from a rear panel mounted switch.

All SCA2 functions are duplicated on the ATC SCA-Remote control handset.

- Hand built in the UK.
- 2 balanced stereo inputs and balanced output.
- 6 phono inputs.
- Fully discrete Ultra-Low noise circuitry throughout.
- Optional Ultra-Low Noise discrete RIAA phono stage.
- 6 year warranty.

Input Sensitivity: 235mV Balanced, 115mV Unbalanced
Input Impedance: 5k/10k ohms
Frequency Response: DC – >500KHz
THD: >114dB
Dimensions (HxWxD): 100x440x360
Weight (HxWxD): 9.5kg / 20.9lbs

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