MC-3+ USB approved as Roon Tested device

Dinsdag 30 april 2019, 15:36 • 34 keer gelezen
MC-3+ USB approved as Roon Tested device Berlin, April 2019. MUTEC GmbH, manufacturer of professional and audiophile consumer audio equipment, is proud to announce that the MC-3+ Smart Clock USB Re-Clocker and USB audio inter-face is now officially approved as a Roon Tested device. This certification program ensures a consis-tently enjoyable listening experience with the popular music playback software Roon.

PSI Audio Heretage3

Vrijdag 19 april 2019, 15:36 • 208 keer gelezen
PSI Audio Heretage3 De Héritage3 is de eerste home entertainment-luidspreker van PSI Audio. Gebaseerd op de technologische expertise van meer dan 40 jaar luidsprekerontwikkeling. De Héritage3 combineert gepatenteerde technologieën zoals CPR en AOI met een fraai uiterlijk en een geheel nieuw elektronisch circuit.

ATC SCM50 review

Vrijdag 12 april 2019, 17:51 • 92 keer gelezen
ATC SCM50 review Onderstaande tekst hebben we vertaald met Google Translate en hier en daar aangepast. Het is een artikel uit What Hifi.

Our Verdict: The ATC SCM50s have been our reference speakers for more than a decade and for good reason

- Honest, balanced performance
- Dynamic ability
- Rugged build

- Not the most stylish speaker

Rules of thumb for music and audio

Dinsdag 02 april 2019, 11:06 • 491 keer gelezen
Rules of thumb for music and audio

Rules of thumb for music and audio by John Siau/

As an engineer I like to use "rules of thumb" to make quick estimates that help explain what can be expected from the physical world around me. These rules of thumb are easy-to-remember approximations that eliminate the need for complicated and needlessly precise calculations. If you learn a few key rules of thumb, you can gain a tremendous understanding of the world around you. For those of you who feel discombobulated by the complexities of high school physics, there is hope! I encourage you to step back and take a fresh look at the world around you. If you learn a few simple rules of thumb, you can begin to unravel the mysteries of physics while amazing your friends and yourself.

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