Artnovion Lugano W Lacquered Wd (a)

# ARTN322100LA
Diffuser Panel 60x60x10cm (3Un/Box)
Artnovion Lugano W Lacquered Wd (a)
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Bel: 023 - 51 72 666
A furniture grade wood diffuser for any environment.

Lugano Diffuser provides diffusion over any bandwidth, given the precise width and depth of the integrated surface treatment. The scattering begins at 350 Hz and goes up to 4000 Hz. Usable for all noise control, but above all for musical applications, Lugano is a high quality and high performance solution for Hi Fi and Home Cinemas. With a furniture grade quality and available in several woods and finishes, Lugano Diffuser is an aesthetically pleasing addition to any space.

The scattering begins at 350 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up to 6000 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical
Dimensions: 595x595x100mm (3un/Box)

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