Artnovion Verona W HP Natual Wood

# ARTN302010
Bass Trap 60x60x13cm (2Un/Box)
Artnovion Verona W HP Natual Wood
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An acoustical inspired pattern with a 3D effect.

Verona Bass Trap HP was developed to reduce standing sound waves and their reflections, particularly in smaller rooms. With a low frequency treatment range from 45 Hz to 125 Hz, Verona Bass Trap HP brings you a premium and distinguished aesthetical solution for your home theatre or private audio room. Available in several different high performance wood finishes, Verona Bass Trap is easily mounted with a mechanical system.

Low frequency treatment, between 45 Hz and 125 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical
Premium and Highly Efficient Bass Trap
Dimensions: 595x595x129mm (2un/Box)

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