Artnovion Verona Bass Trap Corner

# AR100150206LA
Bass Trap 60x60x15,6(2/Box) Noir
Artnovion Verona Bass Trap Corner
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An acoustical pattern with a 3D effect.

New fine-tuning possibilities.

The Corner bass trap is the latest in low frequency absorption. This elegant panel integrates a tuneable membrane over a sealed volume, containing a high performance acoustic core. A secondary posterior compartment positions a high density velocity core in the high pressure zone of the room. The panel is completely tuneable, by means of an adjustable weighted membrane, allowing to pin-point the performance of the panel to a target frequency.

The panels' tuneable membrane works in a similar way to a speaker cone, allowing for a much superior - and controlled - performance. A central mass is supported by an elastic membrane - This mass can then be altered to change the resonant frequency of the membrane, stepping the peak performance of the Trap from 57 to 82 Hz.

Tuneable weighted diafragmatic membrane

Tuneable absorption range:
57Hz to 82Hz.

Hz-by-Hz fine tuning
New fine-tuning possibilities.
Fixing System: Mechanical
Dimensions: 595x595x156mm (2un/Box)

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