Artnovion Komodo W - Natual Wood

# ARTN302050
Bass Trap 60x60x6,5cm (2Un/Box)
Artnovion Komodo W - Natual Wood
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A decorative and innovative bass trap.

To fill the gap in the low frequencies treatment that usually become problematic in smaller rooms, Artnovion developed Komodo Bass Trap. With a absorption effect from 75 Hz to 125 Hz, the Komodo Bass Trap offers an enriched acoustic experience, helping reduce directly standing sound waves and their reflections. With a wooden finish, Komodo Bass Trap can create various artistic patterns when mounted on the side or back walls of your home cinema or living room.

Absorption treatment range: 75 Hz to 125 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical
High Efficiency bass trap
Dimensions: 595x595x58mm (2un/Box)

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