Artnovion Komodo W HP Natual Wood

# ARTN302060
Bass Trap 60x60x13cm (2Un/Box)
Artnovion Komodo W HP Natual Wood
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A decorative and innovative bass trap.

When we think about acoustic treatment we usually focus on the midrange and upper frequencies. However, a proper acoustic treatment also involves low frequencies, especially when you consider smaller rooms. The main sources of acoustical problems in home cinemas or living rooms are the sound of bass instruments with a lot of echo that inevitably bounce throughout the room, or movie dialog that is difficult to understand at low volumes. With Komodo W bass trap HP you get a premium High Performance acoustic treatment able to correct low end frequencies and forms various artistic patterns when mounted.

Low frequency treatment range: 45 Hz to 125 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical
High Efficiency bass trap
Dimensions: 595x595x129mm (2un/Box)

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