Artnovion Eiger W- Tuneable LWood

# ARTN302110L
Bass Trap 60x60x20cm (1Un/Box)
Artnovion Eiger W- Tuneable LWood
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Bel: 023 - 51 72 666
An outstanding tuneable Bass Trap.

With a timeless and exquisite design, Eiger is an Artnovion flagship product. It is well known that wood panels naturally absorb unwanted room modes, instantly improving sound quality. We incorporated into our Bass Trap design, producing a truly outstanding product. Lovingly handmade from wood. Eiger Bass trap's absorption range can be modified from 45 Hz to 125 Hz, with a Tuneable Helmholtz system, with absorption peaks at 45Hz|70Hz|85Hz.

Tuneable Helmholtz| 45Hz|70Hz|85Hz.
Low frequency range: 45 Hz to 125 Hz
Double micro perforated membrane

Fixing System: Mechanical
High Efficiency bass trap
Dimensions: 595x595x201 mm (1un/Box)

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