Artnovion Eiger W- HP Natural Wood

# ARTN302100
Bass Trap 60x60x20cm (1Un/Box)
Artnovion Eiger W- HP Natural Wood
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Bel: 023 - 51 72 666
A Beautiful classic wooden panel.

An Artnovion signature panel

Usually the most noticeable problems in a recording or post-production studio are caused by low frequencies, and are often overlooked in traditional acoustic treatments. The Athos Bass trap HP effectively treats low frequencies between 45Hz and 250Hz (tuned to 85Hz). It is a high performance treatment for low frequencies, designed to be placed in corners for maximum efficiency. Made from wood, from a sustainable and renewable source, it's unique design is a welcome addition to any space. Athos line is the latest addition to our Pro Audio range. This striking panel displays the signature design of Artnovion's founder and CEO Jorge Castro.

Absorption treatment range: 45 Hz to 250 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical
High Efficiency bass trap
Dimensions: 595x595x129mm (1un/Box)

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