Artnovion Verona W, Natural Wood

# ARTN362050
Absorber Panel 60x60x5,8cm (8Un/Box)
Artnovion Verona W, Natural Wood
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An acoustics inspired pattern with a 3D effect.

Verona Absorber's main goal is to treat absorption problems at medium and high frequencies, reducing standing sound waves and their reflections. Verona's unique pattern renders a 3D effect on its surface, allowing you to arrange them in several stylish designs, creating a unique and distinguished ambience in your room.
Available in several wood finishes, the Verona Absorber is one of a kind.


Absorption treatment range: 400 Hz to 3150 Hz
Fixing System: Mechanical or Chemical
High efficiency absorber
FG | 595x595x58mm (8un/Box)
FR+ | 595x595x60mm (6un/Box)

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